Bye-Bye Double Chin. Really?

המחיר שלנו: ₪49
המחיר המלא: ₪149
החסכון שלכם: 67%

For those that don’t read Hebrew – basically this is an ad for a product that claims to slim your double chin for the mere coupon cost of 49 shekels (as opposed to the original 149 shekels) – which is equivalent to $13.55 at todays exchange rate.  Oh, and it includes shipping!  At a 67% deal is this something I can and should pass up? I KNOW that advertising scams always work for those that are just.gullible.enough (usually me, and that’s why I own a ThighMaster) but at this amazing price can I just turn away a potentially amazing deal?

Um, yeah. If I stop eating and do jaw exercises – I can also reduce the size of my double chin – so I’ve heard – repeatedly. No joke, jaw exercises are a real thing and claim to help reduce the size of your sagging gullet. See this:

I also found one of these – it’s called the Flexaway. Its kind of Silence of The Lambs-y, no?

And of course, the Velform Chin Wrap – Anti Cellulite System. Seriously? She looks like a post-op surgery patient for chin or plastic surgery. AND, hello? Based on her body type – she looks like she has no problem with any double chin. It’s just not believable. Where are the chubbier models with REAL double chins? What about all those People Magazine women and men who have lost 300 pounds and the sag is still there? Those are the people I want to see  – especially if I am about to invest a whopping $13.55!

But the best chin wrap ( yes, there are more than one out there, so don’t get fooled kids) is the one that claims you’ll see results in just 45 minutes. No joke. I don’t know, people. Who believes this stuff? Chubby, desperate people that’s who. I would love to be the person that tests out all these wacky products on the market that claim to tighten, firm up, and create magic. SO if anyone out there (in Israel, I guess) has a business that purchases half the crazy items I post, I offer my services to be a guinea pig (for a small fee of course).

Don’t let the ads fool you! Keep strong and ward off temptation! Never let ’em see you sweat! or…

…be brave and try something new. Film yourself trying out the products you bought late at night on HSN. I’d love to watch those. So get videoing people!


One comment

  1. Don’t feel bad-I have Windsor Pilates (who doesnt want to look like Daisy Fuentes), Hip-Hop Abs, and some toy for my cat that he broke in about 10 minutes. Late night info-mercials have been made for ppl like us!

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