Those Summer Time Blues

Summer almost always  makes me sleepy – and usually that’s a good thing. Summer is supposed to be vacation time, lazy time and generally a slacker’s delight.


I’m too busy to be lazy which I guess is a good thing and yet I still seem to be sleepy. I am dragging my feet on projects at work because they are tedious and mundane and yadayadayada.

Every day I set aside some very serious hardcore work time and then (insert the LAW and ORDER dumdumdum) I get so itchy for doing something better – more interesting – creative…like writing my blog. Which brings me to another point – I have not written anything in a loooong time  and that makes me sad – so without further ado – it’s Wednesday after all:Weird Stuff on Wednesdays!!!!  That will perk me up! A co-worker sent me a link to some super cool homes across the globe – I seem to be fascinated recently with the weird way people choose to live their lives – like the people who created their homes out of plastic soda bottles (more out of necessity and a lack of funds) or the Korean  guy  who works for the World Toilet Association (who knew there was one!) who designed a home to look like a toilet bowl!

A toilet-shaped house in Suwon, 40 kilometers south of Seoul, Korea.

That to me is amazing – truly gross and in my opinion genius.

But since summer is here and I am in an office all day, my mind started to wander.  I thought of all the amazing things I could be doing if I had all the money in the world, all the free time in the world and no responsibilities or repercussions.

Would I do half the things my brain came up with. Definitely not! Would I buy a slushee machine and make it part of my daily diet? Duh!

So I saw something on Pinterest that peaked my brain: the zipzicles! Basically mini zip lock bags that you can fill with any liquid you want! I mean that’s so simple and amazing! (I guess not too weird – oh well).

Then there were the BBQ ideas I had and did a search – when I came across a picture and without actually READING what it was for came up with my own thought -(because that’s how brains work) and I saw what I THOUGHT was a net for your steaks to be protected by buzzing things before it makes it’s way onto your grill – HOWEVER, upon closer inspection (and perhaps a realization that its time to go back to the eye doctor and have my prescription checked) it was a net to protect HUMANS from bugs and stuff when they go camping. What I thought were steaks were actually sleeping bags. Sea To Summit Pyramid Net Shelter Double with Insect ShieldHello?!? My idea I think is weirder and better – does it exist? Don’t steal my idea. (It even SAYS INSECT SHIELD right next to it – uhdoy!)

The last items but definitely not least, of course, we have the hammock chairs,

Hammock chairs - could see myself in one of these this summer.

the S’mores Maker For when you can't get to a real, live campfire fast enough... S’Mores Maker

and the can screen -so those bugs don’t get all up in your pop!

Don't let those pesky bugs invade your cans... Bug Screens for canned drinks - Inspired!



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