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That’s where I am.

As I drove to work today it did not go unnoticed how many elderly were out for their morning walk. They were accompanied by their caretakers and there was a part of me that felt fuzzy inside. It’s so wonderful to see (even though I am sure they are being paid handsomely) there are people in this world that are taking care of others. Giving support, mostly physically but also I imagine emotionally.

My news feed this week (and it’s only Monday) has been filled with pictures from summer camps meant for special needs people and those suffering with illnesses, but of smiling happy campers with the staff. There is real and pure joy on their sunny faces and I felt fuzzy inside.

There is palpable goodness available for all those that open their eyes wide enough to see the many opportunities in front of them. There is also a ton of really bad and evil as well. While there needs to be this balance, it can often get disheartening and give us reasons to be bitter. Cancer that spreads in our friend’s body, a baby that dies before the world is ready to say goodbye, terrorists and murderers about to be set free, the list goes on and on. However, for me, today and hopefully for the rest of the week, I aim to stare at the good things and commit them to memory. I aim to let those moments of kindness towards others affect my day and actions.

Yesterday I was able to offer an elderly man a quick ride up the block in order to catch his bus. We missed it, so I took him to the next stop, where he said he’d happily wait in the shade as he had time to spare. He was so appreciative and sent me on my way wishing me a blessed life. Amen!

Today, I was feeling a little blue and slightly underappreciated and then not 30 minutes later I received a phone call from someone saying that they really appreciated everything I had done for them (which I hadn’t thought as doing anything so great). As my late grandpa Max used to say, how do you like them apples? I like them a lot! I am inspired by those that take the time to aid others. Even if you need to go out of your way in order to help someone, make them smile, give encouragement, the reward is very much worth it.

Not that giving someone a ride, or printing a letter or copying some files is anything earth shattering, but these small actions created a ripple effect for me. I helped someone, they in turn helped me.  We have an obligation to teach our young, and the best way is leading by example. We have the power to alter someone’s day and make their life a little better, a little easier, with a nod, a smile, a touch, a visit, an offer. Perhaps sending a note, using the power of words either in the form of a letter, a blog post, an email or better yet a phone call can change someone else’s outlook for a moment.

Inspiring on social media I saw this funny (yet poignant) photo when I came across JD Rucker on Soshable. Let’s be better people. I’m not suggesting to go and seek out ways to be a goody-two-shoe, I’m saying take the opportunities when they are presented. Rise to the level of goodness. Be better than you were yesterday. Be inspiring and make each situation a chance to improve.


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