If I Could, I Would…

…blink my eyes/click my heels 3 times and be home.

…wear pajamas all day.

…”buy” whatever I wanted because in my fantasy life money has no value and we all contribute to society evenly.

…always have patience for those who question with obvious answers.

…avoid fattening foods all the time.

…forget that society DOES have an effect on my body image.

…run away sometimes.

…own a really cool car.

…travel with no lingering responsibilities.

…take the time to learn how to gracefully move my body, whilst “swimming”.

…pamper myself with manis and pedis weekly.

…get the nerve to shave off all my hair…just once…to see the shape of my head.

… eat Duncan Hines icing as a main meal.


But I can’t so I won’t…today. And probably not tomorrow. But perhaps one day when I’m rich (with money) and bored and feel like indulging  myself. But let’s be honest – whose life am I thinking of? Certainly not mine or any other working mom I know who dedicates all her free time running from one school to another bringing forgotten lunches and gym shorts  – that by the way  – he didn’t.even.NEED!

Last night this mama spent 2 hours at a parent teacher conference listening with her absolute-serious-face on so that everything being told to her in a foreign language would be caught. Yeah sure I’ve been reading this language for all my life and speaking it for the last 10 years – on and off but listening to someone speak it at full-speed and understand it? That’s something else! This is dedication people…spending the 2 hours, where my brain generally shuts down, focusing all attention on something other than Project Runway, a major I’m-there-for-you-moment.

So – here is the bottom line.

I love my kids. I love them to bits and pieces. I will do whatever I can to help them be as successful as they can be.  If I could just wear pajamas and pig out on Duncan Hines icing while driving around in a really cool car  listening to Yanni – I would.



  1. YES! I am with you-please I can stomach Parent Teacher conf in English!!! LOL.. love ya sis-come over and ill rent a cool car buy a yanni cd and we can drive all day eating icing!

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