The Time Has Finally Come, Shalom

When your Facebook feed is full of similar commentary it means one thing. It’s THAT big a deal. When people feel the need to share and pass on information it means that it was important enough to them to spread the word. They want the world to know whats on their mind. Today is all about Stella Frankl. Sure, its been a few weeks now of intermittent messages from Yarden keeping us all updated on the deteriorating situation, what the family needs and doesn’t need, but until today even though he begged us not to, there were some of us praying. Praying for Stella to be the holiday miracle of Chanukah 2013.

Yarden, her beloved, dedicated husband was begging us to pray for it to end, but I couldn’t do that, so I hope he can forgive me one day. I prayed that G-d have mercy on the family, that He deal with Stella in the most compassionate of ways, that her soul be taken when He is ready. But I never, not once, prayed for it to end quicker. I put all my faith in G-d thinking, knowing, believing that His decision is justified at all times though a simple servant like me can never begin to understand how the pain and suffering for those of us left behind is effectual.

So our beautiful, wholesome, cherished Star has breathed her very last breath. There are countless tears across the world today dropping down from red weary eyes, mine included. Now I understand why the word Shalom has three meanings. For those who don’t know, it means, hello, goodbye and peace.

The first time I met Yarden, he was looking lost (to me anyway, he probably knew where he was) and I introduced myself and invited the new family to a Shabbat meal. When they came to my teeny apartment, already jam-packed with toys and boxes and years of kids stuff/kitchen stuff/ it all faded away, as Stella’s smile and Yarden’s humor illuminated the space and so began a friendship that lasted 8 years and counting. Many gatherings at kindergarten shows, Sabbath and holiday meals, bar and bat mitzvahs, all the fun times! Then some of the more serious times. Almost 6 years ago, I was hospitalized. Stella made a visit to me with another close friend and I can  not begin to even describe how amazing that visit was. I was in such a low place. Depressed and lonely and then there they were, no one else came to visit, other than my husband, and it was awful, truly awful…but that moment stayed with me always. Those 2 friends who made the effort to travel to an inconvenient location just to sit with me fills my heart with gratitude. The same shared friend visited Stella every week as she became bed-ridden. I tried to keep my distance and visited only twice. I felt that there were so many women wanting to be with her that I’d not overwhelm the family, I’d visit when she asked. And the last 2 times were priceless, filled with laughter and smiles.

This blow is so overwhelming. I posted many times to Facebook for people to pray for my friend. And they did. People spread out all over this world prayed and followed Yarden’s journey through reading his blog and now feel a part of what is missing in our lives as if they knew her. So many people have been affected and never once even met our dear friend Stella. I wish I could write more for there is still a lot to be said, just not with this many tears blurring my vision.

We will all miss you so much, as we say in Hebrew, Tzeischem L’shalom, Go in peace. With love,



  1. I am so so sorry for this loss. I know how close you were and my heart is breaking for you and her family. Thanks for making me cry s early in the morning…

  2. I am so sorry for your loss and, of course, for her family’s loss. Unfortunately I understand the pain you are feeling.’

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