Choose A Better Tomorrow

Lots of thoughts are running through my head today – change is happening.


New opportunities are on the horizon as I sit and watch and wonder, what’s next. I am thriving personally yet losing the domestic challenge daily. I am confident that keeping a creative outlet (which is of course) bringing in more money to pay for necessities is key to my recent success.

Of course, success is measured differently by each person. I’m not raking in the big bucks, but my business background reminds me that what you put in is what you get in return, so while I am busy with a trillion other things, my extra small surplus income allows me a little breathing room – and that’s always nice. 

But there are other changes in the midst. While change can be frightening and a wee bit alarming at the beginning, there is hope with each change that situations have the ability to improve. Even when things look bleak or murky or the change is a sad one, there is probability for growth and that’s encouraging. 

Oh, she’s being so vague, you say…and I hear you. And no, I am not sharing my every thought – which I’ve been accused of before. But I will impart this wisdom.

Every day is a new day for a chance to change, or make a difference, in your own life or someone else’s. Each day brings fortuity and blessings as long as your mind is open to them. Be alert, awaken your senses so that each passing moment is a moment worth remembering. 

Today is so great. That’s a message we should all try to start with. Trust me, I’ve had those days when EVERYTHING seems to go wrong. I’ve even written about them. I’ve raised my hands to the heavens and screamed ‘not fair!’ I know you have too. There are so many things in this life that seem wrong or backwards and unfair or cruel.  

But looking back and being completely honest – more than half of the things that happen{ed} (besides illness, I guess – and even then sometimes) are/were self-inflicted. Poor time management or decision-making wreak havoc on our daily forecast. We can plan for the best and expect the worst but in the end, we are not running this show. We are a body made up of many bodies and are affected by each incident due to the ripple effect of society. We are a capable species. We have been given the gift of a superior brain with which we have created and invented a world so complex it enables an easier life. We have been given every opportunity to succeed and then, sometimes it’s just too much. We have the ability to dissect the smallest particles and limbs and cells to better understand how things are made so that when they break we can fix them. But is knowing always better? Double edged sword if you ask me. 

And if you ask me, I will always choose a path of knowledge rather than ignorance, even if there is some pain that comes with knowing. The more we know, the more choices we give ourselves, allowing us greater odds to choose a better tomorrow.


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