When Mommy Gets Sick

sick-mom 1_edited-1Last week was rough. No, I did not get a flu shot. Because, I never get one.

Will I get one next year? Probably.

Do I feel like and idiot? Yes.

Did I stay in bed most of the time? Yes.

Did it help. I dunno. 

But man, was I sick. I got everything the NYQUIL commercial claims the medicine handles. The sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, plus 2 sick boy children with me. Too bad I didn’t have the medicine!

But then, of course, it got worse. This week, even though my chest has remnants of the ol’ rattle and wheeze, I went back to work. Because I had to. There were expectations and I was gaining more energy every day. So I did. And then naturally the girls mid week started to really complain. So, today I took them to the doctor.

The doctor’s visit proved one bronchopneumonia, one flu and some more antibiotics for mommy’s wheezing…(feel free to wag your finger at me)…because I am not thinking with 100% brain here, I took them all to work. Because I had to be there by 10. Because I am sick, and not focused on making the best decisions, I chose to bring these sickies to work with me instead of  leaving them all at home with a laptop full of movies and loads of ice cream.

Dummy. Dummy! DUMMY!!

So natch it’s Wednesday and I had a few minutes to scroll through the internet to find the most absurd (though they might be true) healing methods I could find that people put out there:

This seems weird but doable:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: At the first sign of cold, flu, sinus infection, or ear infection, put a dropperful of hydrogen peroxide into each ear. Have the person lie still with the hydrogen peroxide in the ear until it stops bubbling. Do this on both sides. This is especially effective for kids. Repeat every few hours until infection is gone.

This seems good if you were in Poland without any other forms of medicine.

  • potatosThe Potato Method: I have a hard time believing that the raw potato is the way to go.

Lastly, there is no way anyone could have believed this advert, really.  At least I hope not!


The Cigarette Method:  Even the Dr.’s name seems suspicious!


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