While Some Things Change, Others Remain The Same

Last week, while I didn’t address it head on (until today…when it was already said and done), there was a major change that occurred at my workplace. The boss who originally hired me decided to move on and I missed his last day. Perhaps subconsciously, I was very agreeable to take the day off when I was asked by my bestie who was visiting from the states. 

While the boss was not my direct boss anymore, he still was the person I went to when things needed fixing. The one I could laugh with now that I wasn’t the youngest one in the office. The one that teased me about the way I dress (all in good fun, of course) and the one that sent me the best e-mails of the coolest (and smallest)  houses in the world. Walking in to work today, seeing my desk piled with papers awaiting my attention (serves me right for skipping a day!) was pretty depressing, especially since I’ve been up since 3AM (story for another day). I was bombarded upon entering and at the ready -shot responses to at least 3 people who greeted me, I finally sat down, took care of the mail, organized the piles and saw this.


I know it probably means nothing to you, but to me, this bamboo plant means change has happened. Week after week, while the department heads (and silly ol’ me) sat around the conference table eating our breakfast, I’d see this bamboo plant make its way from a little sprout to what it is today. My boss, for better or worse, helped this plant nourish and grow, much like he did for all of us. Making it his business to see that we performed to the best of our ability. So, even though I know change is good, it hurts to say goodbye and when I didn’t see his white Volvo wagon parked this morning I was sad, but seeing this plant, that he left for me to take care of, even though we live 15 minutes away from each other, meant he was officially gone. I’m super excited to see where he goes from here though, because now that one door closed, I am sure many more will open and he will be a great leader wherever he chooses to go.

And…then…some things never change. I took a vacation day to spend with one of my oldest friends who came to Israel for work but took a few days to have some serious girl time. A friend who through high school and after marriage and children and living in different countries, (even though “GrayHair” invited herself into our lives) has stayed the same, having the ability to turn EVERYTHING into something funny. We’d see something or look at the same thing and with one look at each other, know exactly what the other was thinking. I got to impress her with my language skills and she impressed me with her constant emotional strength.  We had some seriously good food, conversations and then just like that it was over.  Time flies when you’re having fun. I loved that our friendship has never changed. It’s comforting to know that just when you need an injection of something dependable it’s there in your home bringing you Hershey’s chocolate and an InTouch magazine.

I am in desperate need of sleep (blasted middle-of-the-night-allergy attack!) and very weepy, introspective and thoughtful. Today is bittersweet.  I love that my boss, and today I can officially call my friend, is moving on, though he leaves us behind to fend for ourselves. The move is a good one, a healthy break with everyone singing his praises for many jobs well done over the many years of service, and he accepted them graciously. 

“And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.” ― Libba BrayThe Sweet Far Thing

I bless everyone this new month, with the opportunity for changes in the right direction. 


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