Our Tooth-Fairy Has Celiac & An Email Account (Apparently)

This is how we found out:

Paco (6 yrs old): Can I ask you something?

Mommy: Always

Paco: Can you wiggle my tooth?

Mommy: I’d rather not, can you? I’ll just look

Paco: See how it’s almost ready. Can you take it out after dinner?

Mommy: Why don’t we try right now?

Paco: Nope. I don’t wanna’ eat bloody food.

Mommy: Sounds like a plan.

After dinner, and a bath, and an episode of some robot-y program on Netflix – I finally convince him its time.

Mommy: Okay, here we go, ready?

Paco: Never

Mommy: Open up! Wider, say “eee” …okay open while you say “eee”, enter tissue…gagging…begging. DONE!

Later that night in bed we discuss how the tooth-fairy will come by while he is sleeping and take his teeth and replace them with shiny coins. Unfortunately the tooth-fairy got completely distracted, side-tracked, and tired and never showed up.

The next morning…

Paco: Mommy! Mommy!

Mommy: jsdfbrfqerf still sleeping erjjrwnf, what?

Paco: We need to send the tooth-fairy an email

Mommy: Wha?

Paco: She is too sick to fly here and bring me the money, so we need to email her

Mommy: Why is she sick?

Paco: She has coughs and can’t fly. And she has Celiac.

Mommy: Really. Wow. Okay, I’ll ask Abba ( daddy) to send her one.Ā oops

Conversations with this guy never leave me without a smile.Ā 



  1. hysterical! and you are better than me! I told Joshua and Aryeh that the tooth fairy only gives something for the first tooth…parenting fail????

  2. Ha, that’s a funny one! I had this little pillow as a kid that looked like a house (why?) and it had a pocket for money from the so-called Tooth Fairy. I still have it in storage somewhere–and my teeth too–in those small, plastic boxes that were soooo cool in the ’80s. Does that make me weird?! Maybe I should be buried with them according to Jewish law, but where are my tonsils??? :/

    You know, I think way too many kids know what Celiac is and it’s really odd. Lol! šŸ™‚ You really are “Silly ‘Ol Me,” Cheri.

    A (Gluten-intolerant, but negative for Celiac!)

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