Weird Stuff On Wednesdays 8/15/12


Laughter is the best medicine, and too much of it will give you the hiccups!

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Have you seen this?


This is so outrageous! I was just told about this, and I love a good prank, but this takes it to a whole other creepy level.  Basically you can disguise your voice, disguise your number, spoof text, record your calls, add background noises for a more realistic prank setting and even go as far as doing a group spoof Рadding multiple people to the call.

I also like this website if you want to go the less creepy route but also want to personalize a prank or have a good laugh. The way this works is you upload your photos and can place faces of your friends and family on mugs, posters, cards, magazine spoofs, etc… Now there are a lot of programs like Snapfish and Shutterfly that provide some of these ideas as well but I think the name Funky Pigeon is catchier…why do they all use animals (or bugs) to depict their names…not sure, maybe some grad student needs to research the correlation and write his dissertation on that! I’m just full of great ideas…

Now, I usually find things that make me giggle or raise my eyebrows for these posts, and while I really love pranking people I also love to see the interesting things inventors come up with that make me laugh. Like the 100% Himalayan Salt Egg Deodorant. Retailing at only $4.29 (sale price, folks!), this seems like a steal and totally real. Should I be surprised that there are no customer reviews yet for this product?

Apparently people in Europe have been using this product for years. No offense, and I am not saying ALL, but I’ve smelled some Europeans.They should really be marketing this product more. It claims to keep you dry for hours. NO joke. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself here. I don’t make this stuff up! When I saw it I thought…this must be a prank site – but it’s not! You can even purchase a variety of Himalayan Salt Lamps!!!! The possibilities are endless!

There is another thing I find completely fascinating and childish I admit. Fake food or poop. There are so many products out there that imitate food for kids-play or practical joking that I find it hilarious it has become such a profitable market. In my opinion this is confusing for children. I mean, we spend time begging our children NOT TO PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD (or heaven forbid touch their poop) and then giving them a basket of goodies to “cook” in their plastic kitchens! However. having said all this, I came across this item and can’t stop giggling. I get that sushi is still really trendy. And seeing this kinda’ combines the 2 things I was referring to. I don’t know much about sushi, I’m not one of those people. But I do know what poop looks like. And I’m not sure what the product on the most right is supposed to depict but well you can guess what I thought it looked like. These are fake products, by the way. Fake poop (or if anyone out there can enlighten me otherwise) on top of fake sushi. What kind of message are we sending to our children? Either the Japanese are brilliant or have mad senses of humor. Either way it’s making me laugh and I can guarantee that if someone played a prank on me with this item, I’d be laughing for some time after.

I really hope these Weird Stuff On Wednesday posts are making some people laugh or at least smile. I found other unique items like inflatable toast, Hannuka Candy Canes, and Brain Pops… I may need to create a new topic – tune in next week for more WSOW!