deep breathing

A Case of the BlahBlahs…

…otherwise known as ‘Overworked And Underwhelmed’. You must know what I’m talking about. When you get into that rut at work, where you used to be content with the day-to-day business of whatever field you are in, but now it seems tedious and you start getting a case of the blahblahs.

Personally I feel there is nothing worse at work than being bored. Well scratch that. Having a boss that is rude and not compassionate could be worse than that. But being bored is pretty bad. I am thankful that this is not my current case, sort of. I am so busy at work that my brain is thinking faster than my computer (time to get a new computer) and I*am*frustrated. The fact that I can’t pound through the filing/faxing/photo copying/scanning/emailing faster is making me feel discouraged. Also – I love what I do – in theory- but not in the practical menial task sense.

I am polar opposites at work and home. At work I can not stand when there are piles left – I MUST GET TO THE BOTTOM OF MY PILE when I have one taking up room on my desk. At home though? Maybe because I am so wiped out, I mentally check out, because I can guarantee almost 99% of the time, that laundry pile can stay put until I am good and ready to tackle it.

The day is coming to a close and though I feel accomplished I am at the mercy of others. This too is a contributing factor in the case of the blahblahs. I can be part of a team. In fact, I am a really good team-player. When I have to wait for others to do their share and it makes me look inefficient, I get understandably cranky. When there is a time crunch and the other team members are dragging their feet and not communicating properly it’s enough for you (read me) to really get bleepity-bleep.

But I am letting it go. Listening to my own advice. Getting angry won’t help the work get done any faster. Deep Breathing. Eye-twitching. Wearing a turtle-neck sweater so no one can see the neck blotching, oh right deep breathing.

I will be okay as soon as I get some fresh air. 4:54 PM, not long now ’til I bolt out of the doors and move on to the next task, dinner.

Now, how can I make eggs exciting?