hair dye

Weird Stuff On Wednesdays 8/8/12

Even though technically it’s tomorrow, I am still functioning as if it’s today. It’ll probably be an all-night-er. I can’t really remember the last time I pulled an all-night-er!

Whats weird about today? Well, let’s see…I am awake at 1:30 AM with my hair mid dye and one hand with wet nails…I am typing with my free hand and I’m waiting to switch a load of laundry. It’s been an emotional roller coaster day = yup, you know the one…bite-your-lip, hold-your-tongue kind of day that ends with some tears in the arms of someone else’s bubbe. No, seriously, true story.

But all is ok because LOREAL is making it all better, and blonds are supposed to have more fun. I hope number 105 is gonna’ be my lucky number.

Weighing in at 2AM – tried to paint my right set of nails. FAIL. Epic fail – looked like my 7 yr old was having playtime. My left hand is useless when it comes to a decent manicure. I had almost a whole pinkie finger tip covered in ‘Ballet Slippers’. Uncool. So I removed the polish on my right hand and that’s how its gonna’ stay.

I hear snoring. Snoring and a dog barking. Oooh which reminds me, this week I was completely terrorized by a dog. (Another time – I’ll need to make a whole ANIMAL section!!!) But this dog was a mean scaredy-cat. Yeah, Dog, I called you a cat! Take that you….aaaaahhhh get away get away get away….heart a-thumping I ran, barely staying dry.

Laundry was ready, heading back to my bedroom – I smelled it. The amazing salon aroma. Maybe I should bottle that smell and call it just that Salonaroma. My bedroom smells awesome. Wanna’ know something NOT awesome? I never put the ‘dude’ on. A dud (pronounced dude) is a switch that connects to a boiler that makes your water hot, especially needed after 5 kids shower before you. My #105 may turn my hair green, which would be great for today considering it’s Weird Stuff On Wednesdays, but not my lucky number after all.

It usually takes an hour to get hot water so considering its almost 2:30 AM I’m going strong towards that all-night-er.  But my eyes are sleepy. I want to use this time wisely but am kinda’ feeling icky from dinner. Burping up chicken fingers at 2:33 AM aint fun. Wow, that took me 3 minutes to write. My brain is slowing down at this hour…I wonder why…it’s not like I was eating bon-bons all day, but that would have been so nice. Way better than crying in the arms of someone else’s bubbe, even though she was terrific.

So tomorrow, the real one, not the fake its past midnight tomorrow because well I am still considering it to be today, Wednesday., Right. So tomorrow, is the beginning of the party weekend. Bar Mitzvah boy is reading from the Torah at the Kotel (Western Wall). I sorta know what I am wearing, I laid all the clothing out for the kids and already know that I am going one hand nail polished and the other bare. MmmHmm, that is clearly the most important part about tomorrow…duh, how obnoxious am I? The most important thing about tomorrow is showing our boy-man how proud we are of him.

I’m just happy he doesn’t have any of that weird upper lip dark peach fuzz that is too soft to shave but looks icky hanging out on a soft cheeked boy…but if he did- that would have been cool, since today is Weird Stuff On Wednesday!

Okay 15 minutes have passed and I am gonna’ brave the cold waters. I need a nap. Day #4. We are to leave at 6:45 AM so…I am close to my all-night-er target but I really want to sleep. That and I think these fumes are getting me a bit dizzy.

To be continued…since its technically tomorrow.