why would ANYONE do that?!?

Wow. Gross. OMG!!!, Ew, ich, yuck.

Reading articles like the most recent one on eating one’s placenta on Kveller.com is the stuff that my section Weird Stuff on Wednesdays was created from. Seeing or hearing something so bizarre or funny that with a little research and a sense of humor on stuff that I find for lack of a better word fascinating.  I can’t even write any further without a little gag reflex.

Just because one CAN do something doesn’t mean one SHOULD do something! 

SPAM ALERT – I got an email from someone named Gonzalez, Gonzales – tip to you dummy, I ain’t clicking! Why not at least try a little harder to sound more convincing…eh?

#3. A very clear moment for me on Why would ANYONE do that?!? A friend recently posted a picture of a fellow (much like this guy) who was so pierced and tattooed that they no longer (*in my opinion) looked human! To me, and my simple clean , white bread world view on things, he looked like he was made up in a Sci-fi film.  I don’t get why people don’t stop abusing their bodies after a while and yes, I think it’s abuse! I agree to a certain degree, what each person wants to do with his own body is his own right, but I also believe that our bodies are just gifts from G-d and that He entrusts us with them  – it DOES sound contradictory, I know, but there is a fine line when it comes to Free Will and everyone needs to figure that out for themselves but to me it looks like mutilation. I don’t get it.

I’ll admit that there are a lot of things I just don’t get. On a really basic level – yes, there is a need for attention…most of the time.  Little kids are known for their jelly legs and drawing on walls. Teens are known for their piercing and tattoos. College students dabble in drugs and drink too much alcohol. Grown women eating their placenta, men who punch holes the size of golf balls in their ears and wear rubber tire looking earrings, and people who send SPAM mail – I Don’t GET YOU!!!

Do computer nerds just wake up one day and want to take revenge on all the cool kids that used to make fun of them by sending out virus mail cloaked in  ‘you’ve been selected to win my late aunt’s fortune,  just send me your bank info!” messages?

Do children who were neglected wake up one day and inject ink in their skin (for the sake of  “art appreciation”) just because they want to be seen?

You want to eat and bake with bugs (see The Cake Boss) or your own placenta? Okay – but why try to convince others that these are good ideas? I’m squeamish at the thought of ALL these things. Let’s vow to attempt at raising healthier children who don’t need to resort to these kinds of behavior.

I’m not saying my kids are perfect and I’m an awesome parent.  I’m saying,  let’s listen better to what’s really being said, especially sometimes when there aren’t any words. I am saying, let’s not do things that are so over the top/borderline mental JUST to be different, just to be seen or heard. Be great at something through hard work, determination and some humility. Be awesome at being just you! Even if that means, you look just like the next guy.


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